Unica 4-270 - an effective alternative to piston pumps

Unica is an innovative 4:1 pressure ratio diaphragm pump. It has been designed for performance and reliability. Its exceptional power allows UNICA to reach and maintain the highest working pressure level in its segment.

Furthermore, WAGNER engineers developed an exclusive and patented hydraulic circuit that ensures minimum deformation of and stress on the diaphragms.

This technology, combined with the special diaphragm concept, ensures an extremely long diaphragm life, even when working under severe conditions.


The benefits

  • Superior power 
  • Higher performance 
  • High reliability 
  • Excellent finishing 
  • Sturdy construction 
  • Low shear effect


Technical data

Pressure ratio


Max. fluid pressure

  27 bar / 2.7 MPa / 392 psi

Air inlet pressure

  6 bar / 0.6 MPa / 87 psi

Volumetric flow rate per double stroke

  270 cc 7 16.5 cin

Max. flow rate

  120 l/min / 31.7 gpm

Max. recommended flow rate for continuous operation

  8.2 l/min / 2.2 gpm

Wetted parts

  Stainless steel, PTFE


  45 Kg / 99.2 lb

Max. sound level

  76 dB(A)


Basic units

Unica bare pump


Wall bracket Unica 4-270


Stand Unica 4-270


Product information

   Atex classification


   Processable materials
  • Water-borne and solvent-borne paints
  • Friction-sensitive materials
  • Moisture-sensitive materials
  • Shear-sensitive water-borne coatings
  • UV-cure materials
  • Acrylics, glues, abrasives

       Application areas
  • Main paint circulation systems
  • Boothside/satellite paint circulation systems
  • Medium to low viscosity adhesive supply
  • Pumping of shear-sensitive paints
  • Supply of paint and hardener for 2K proportioning system